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Name:Weekly/Monthly VOCALOID Rankings + Daily News
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:Select Members
Community description:Posting Vocaloid rankings from Japan->America every Monday along with daily VOCALOID news!

☆Welcome to the DW community of the Weekly Vocaloid rankings! I am your mod, Leslie/Sky or [personal profile] soaringskies :D
☆Don't what the Weekly Vocaloid rankings are? Lots of info can be found: Right here!
☆Latest rankings will be posted on Monday or Tuesday!
☆Rankings will include: The original ranking itself and the monthly ranking. No others will be posted; like the ones focusing on a particular Vocaloid.
☆News will be posted on a daily basis hopefully, meaning every week. News has to be official! Meaning, no fan speculation please. Remember to cite all sources. Any post without a source WILL be deleted.
☆Any rules? Just a few:
-Please don't spam here with comments like: "these robots suuuuuk at singing. :P"
-Nothing else will be posted here but rankings and news. You could post other Vocaloid videos that you think are interesting, but keep in mind it has to be on topic. And you could also post your own Vocaloid news on what's going on, but remember to cite your source! (reason why posts are moderated!)
-If you are posting large pictures or a large wall of text, please remember that "lj cut" is your best friend.
-No fanfiction, graphics(icons, layouts, headers), or fanart are allowed here. Sorry! This community is only meant to be informational for others, whether sharing info or receiving info.
☆Toss me a PM if you want to be affliated with us! I won't bite haha. ;D
☆Thanks and have a great time over here at weekly_vocaloid! :)
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